Welcome to Custom Golf Clubs and more!

Custom Golf Clubs and more!

Welcome to DriveTheGreenGolf.com!  We are glad you decided to come and check out our full line of customized golf clubs.  After you take home your first set of golf clubs from us, we think you will agree that they are top quality golf clubs. Our brands are made from the same top quality materials that name brands such as Callaway, TaylorMade, Ping, Nike, and others use in their clubs.

The difference is in the advertising.  Because our brands are not throwing money at the major golf stars, or using other high cost advertising, we are able provide these top quality clubs at a reduced cost.  The quality remains as high as or better than the name brand.

First, check out our pages on how to determine the right custom club for you.  This is an important step and should not be missed.  Grab a friend, spouse, or child, and have them help you with the measurements.  Getting the right sized club for you will be a great benefit for your game, and it is easy to do. Once you are done, check out our full line of customized clubs.  Acer, Power Play and Oxygen clubs are a great low cost alternative to the name brands.  Check out our Store today!

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For the major golf enthusiast, check out our line of Snake Eyes Golf clubs that will put your friends to shame!